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We’ve put together a comparison tool which can help you find some of the best lease deals in the UK. Whether you’re looking for a specific model, are interested in what you can get on a budget or are simply curious, you can find a great deal in seconds.

Why is leasing so popular?

It offers drivers the chance of a brand new model or car for a fraction of the price of buying the vehicle outright. When the lease expires after a few years you simply pick another new model and lease agreement and pick up the keys to your next new car.

Car leasing has never been more popular, it’s now the funding choice for most new cars. In fact, over a million UK cars were financed with a lease in the last year.

2.2 million

leased vehicles in the UK

36 months

average lease lasts

15k miles

average annual lease limit

*Source: BVRLA (the British Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association)

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What is vehicle leasing?

Vehicle leasing is a rental agreement, over a pre-defined period, usually long term, that allows you or your company to use a car or van for a set monthly fee. It is an alternate, and often more affordable solution to purchasing a car or van rather than using a bank loan or dealer finance. It means you can drive a new car or van every 2 or 3 years, while avoiding MOT's and unforeseen repair bills. You just hand the car back at the end of the contract and arrange a new one, avoiding the hassle of having to sell your old car privately and its depreciation. The added inclusions of a manufacturer’s warranty and your road fund licence (road tax) gives you complete piece of mind.

What is meant by an initial rental?

The initial rental is an advance payment usually equivalent to 3, 6 or 9 months rental. It is often displayed as a 6+23 or 9+35, the first example would be for a 24-month contract where the initial rental is equivalent to 6 monthly rentals. This is then followed by 23 further monthly rentals. The second example is a 36-month contract where the initial rental is equivalent to 9 monthly rentals, followed by 35 further monthly rentals. The initial payment forms part of the hire agreement and is non-refundable. It’s important to bear in mind that generally, you get better value for longer term lease deals.

What mileage should I choose?

With any lease plan your annual mileage is pre-agreed when you take out the contract and is often the factor that determines the price. If you exceed this agreed mileage you are liable to pay extra, so it is always important to make sure the mileage limit you choose reflects your driving habits. If you wish to get a guide for the right mileage it is advised to check past MOT certificates to give you an indication. If you exceed the pre-agreed mileage, an Excess Mileage Charge will apply per mile travelled over the agreed figure, and is measured in pence per mile. The figures will be provided on your quotation and official finance document. If things change and you need to update your mileage you can do this, and your monthly rental will be adjusted accordingly.

Are there any restrictions?

Providing you have a full UK driving licence, can afford the monthly payments and have a good credit score, you can apply to lease a vehicle from the age of 18.

Am I responsible for Servicing & MOT testing?

Yes, unless you select your chosen brokers maintenance option when setting up your lease. As part of your agreement you need to keep your car up to date with your manufacturer’s recommended car servicing as well as MOT’d.

What about wear & tear?

The Fair Wear and Tear Guide is produced by the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association) and outlines the guidelines for returning your leased vehicle at the end of your contract. The Guide acts as an industry-standard accepted level of Fair Wear and Tear which you should take a look at before returning your car. Fair Wear and Tear is simply defined as any acceptable deterioration that occurs on the vehicle during normal usage over the period of the contract, this will include affects to the tyres, bumpers, windows glass and any interior issues. The vehicle will be analysed at the end of your contract and you may be liable for costs or fines for any excess damage that doesn't fall into these BVRLA Guidelines.

Are tyres and brakes covered by the warranty?

Brake and tyre components are not covered by the BVRLA wear and tear guidelines and are usually paid for by the customer, this is dependent on your broker and any maintenance plan you have chosen. It is recommended you get them repaired before returning the vehicle as you could be liable to fines.

What does my maintenance option include?

This depends on the broker you have chosen but scheduled servicing includes, replacement or repair of tyres, batteries, wipers, bulbs and other perishable items.

Is breakdown included?

Many manufacturer’s warranties include breakdown cover for at least the first year,  after this expires it would be your responsibility to protect the car with breakdown cover.

How much do I need to pay upfront?

The upfront payment can be altered to suit your budget, but this does depend on your chosen broker. The higher the upfront payment, the lower your monthly rental.

Do finance companies check my credit history?

Yes. A credit check is standard with all leasing plans.

Who provides the finance for the car?

There are several leading finance companies, a company would be chosen as to who was offering the best rates for the vehicle at that time.

Does the price include insurance?

Insurance is not included within your leasing contract. Most brokers require you to have fully comprehensive insurance in order to drive the vehicle.

Can I change my mind after I have signed the agreement?

If the car is not to your satisfaction upon arrival, you can return it. You also have a 14-day cooling off period and if you change your mind within that time, you can still cancel it. Cancellation charges may apply.

Can I terminate my agreement at any time?

Terminating your leasing agreement early is not available on all contracts and is fully dependent on the finance provider chosen.

What should I do if my vehicle has some damage and is at the end of the agreement?

Please consult the BVRLA’s Fair Wear and Tear Policy to find out if your vehicle has incurred damage that is not covered by the guidelines of this policy. Your finance lender can apply a charge for any unrepaired damage on the vehicle, so any damage should be repaired.

How will my vehicle be delivered?

Vehicles are usually driven to their destinations by professional drivers or delivery agents. This service is usually offered free of charge.

Can I collect the vehicle?

Some specific dealerships allow collection, but this would need to be clarified when taking out the lease.

How quickly is the car delivered?

Usually within 10 - 14 working days for dealer stock vehicles. If you have specific requirements, then it may be necessary to place a factory order which will take longer.